About Us

Our goal, to clean up our oceans and not only saving animals, but also human life, is massive – but we are just getting started. With all our supporters and believers, we got a chance to make our planet a bit better and the oceans a bit cleaner every single day. We believe in a mix of proven methods, modern technology and our deepest survival instinct. Through innovations and collaborations, our aim is to be one step ahead of the catastrophe, not a step behind. While cleaning-up is essential to help mother nature recover, it is even more important to defeat the issue at its roots and educate people about this man-made disaster, before it’s too late. Never forget: The ocean doesn’t need us. We need the ocean.

Our Team

Jan Hornig
CEO & Founder
Daniel Fecht
CTO & Founder
Pauline Friedrich
Environmental Manager
Alex Henseler
Visual Marketing

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About CleanOcean

What is our Mission?

While animals die, because of ocean-pollution, humans poison themselves by eating fish contaminated with microplastics. Most people don’t think about the lasting damage this deals to millions of lifeforms, our ecosystem and us. We strongly believe in the power of new technology and crowdsourcing to fight issues which are simply too big for us alone. We can generate immense amounts of liquidity, basically out of the air, through automatically applied transaction fees and forward it to related organizations, so they can fuel their operations.

Who are we?

We are a young team based in Germany. Jan Hornig and Daniel Fecht are the two founders of this project but every member of our talented team and active community helps us pushing our potential to the limit and making the earth a much better place.

What is CLEAN?

Technical definition:

CleanOcean is a frictionless decentralized yield-generation charity eco-token. The token operates on an automated liquidity-locking and self-staking direct distribution protocol, providing safe, secure and hassle-free transactions and yield-generation for all holders automatically.

This means:

CLEAN is collecting you interest while you also contribute to cleaning up our precious oceans. Operating on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing sustainable and eco-friendly trading with minimal CO2 output and emissions. The aim is to build up a whole ecosystem around CleanOcean with charities, partners and in-house projects to reduce ocean-plastic-pollution drastically. Besides that, there will be a marketplace for NFTs with original art.The potential of CleanOcean is unlimited and ready to be unfold. Please read our official WhitePaper to learn more!

Worldwide problems, demands worldwide solutions.

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