About $CLEAN

This is our official decentralized crypto-token you can use to directly support our cause and invest in the survival of our most precious ecosystem.

This way you can donate and invest money at the same time. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry it is as easy as making a usual donation, but instead you just purchase CLEAN tokens and watch your investment grow just by itself.

CLEAN will increase the number of tokens you own automatically, mirroring an interest-system you know from your local bank.

We operate on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing sustainable and eco-friendly trading with minimal CO2 output and emissions.

The aim is to build up a whole ecosystem around CleanOcean with charities, partners and in-house projects to reduce ocean-plastic-pollution drastically. Besides that, there will be a marketplace for NFTs with original art made by professional creatives to raise funds and awareness. This way people will be able to acquire unique art-pieces and support the cause at the same time.
The use-cases surrounding CLEAN will increase over time.
Please read our official WhitePaper to learn more!